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How to Prepare for a Take on the Nickelodeon Set

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You have probably wanted to be an actor ever since you were a little boy or girl you have dreamed about it  over and over again, and now you are finally here, it is your chance, your opportunity to shine! Take a look around you, then close your eyes take in a big breath and savor the moment, because even though you will always feel these jitters and butterflies inside your stomach this is the first time in an amazing Nickelodeon set and we are here to walk you through it!

Like we said, do not worry if you are nervous or stressed out, it is your first role and probably your first time in a set and that is perfectly acceptable; but everything that you have done and worked on has led you up to here and you want to impress everyone on the other side of the room; and you should too, every one of those people are there looking for somebody like you: a young person brimming with potential and energy with their whole futures ahead of them, and they are already working out in their minds how to make you look and feel good about what you are doing to make you bring your character to life perfectly.

Working in a TV set is only learned through experience but what happens in it is totally up to you and your preparation. The most frightening thing you have to get out of your system is the fact that there is no rehearsal (sometimes there is one short rehearsal) so make sure you practice and know your lines, make a choice in your mind of the acting form you want to employ and follow it strictly (but remember always leave room for flexibility for they may cut or edit your lines throughout the process).

The most important thing though is to be confident and why not? You just won the job over many actors! So bring your best game to the table and rock that role. If you want to make a very good and lasting impression this is essential! This way people from the crew like director will remember your professionalism and who knows they may even call you back for more acting jobs.

Another thing that is necessary is for you to be a good sport, sets are very busy places, everybody there has specific jobs that they must do over and over again until they wrap up the scenes; the best thing you can do to make everybody’s job easier is to learn to hit your marks so you can save them time and money, rehearse in your house before hand your lines and randomly put tape marks on your floor so you can practice hitting those marks, ask someone in your family to help you! Also should not complain… do what you are asked when you are asked. TV shows run in a really tight schedule so anything that holds them back is an annoyance and a waste of money so don’t be the person that they must wait around for. Be courteous and respectful to everyone, manners go a long way in any place where you are (you should always have that in mind) -that means saying hello when you enter to the people around you and thank you when you wrap up scenes. Good luck in your endeavors as an actor!

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