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How to Prepare for a Shoot with Seventeen Magazine

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As a budding teen model, you are going to find yourself thrust on to the front pages of a popular teen magazine. Let us say that you have been fixing for a photo session with Seventeen Magazine, and that you have been selected to grace their cover. So what do you do? You cannot simply wake up on the big day and head out with no preparation whatsoever. You need to get ready long before that, and you want to be in your element when the photo shoot rolls around. You will need to mull over a few things, and you want to get everything right. In this piece, we offer tips in how you can prepare for the shoot.

  • Plan everything beforehand

There will be lots of back and forth between you and the magazine in the days leading up to the shoot, so a lot o planning is required. You will need to send over details regarding your outfits, shoes and accessories in time. It is important for the photographers to have a good idea of what colors you will be in, what props you have chosen and what kind of poses you would want to strike.

  • Pay attention to your diet

Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. In the days leading up to the shoot, avoid alcohol and salty foods-you do not want to show up with a puffy face and bloodshot eyes on this special day.

  • Take care of body hair

3 days before the shoot, you can wax the hair on your armpits and legs, giving it sufficient time for irritation to come and go. You do not want to be flustered on the day of the shoot because you did your waxing too late. Do not tamper with your facial hair, as some faces break out in freckles after a shave-unless it is done long before the shoot. If you are looking to trim the hair on your head, ensure that you do not attempt styles that are too new for you. This is the perfect time to stay away from experimentation. Be natural and comfortable. Avoid treatments you have not experimented with before-you never know if they will break your skin or cause allergies.

  • Practice in front of the mirror

You need to do this ALOT of time. You have to know how your skin feels when you are smiling because during the actual shoot, you will not be able to see your own face. What does your face feel or look like when you smile, pout or frown? Pay attention to what each different action makes the muscles of your skin feel. Learn the art of smiling. A perfect smile shows a set of teeth with no gums. Learn how to avoid squinting, as this ruins a photo. Carry out different poses and see how that works out. If you feel uncomfortable in a particular angle, seek to make adjustments without tampering with the quality of the pose. While posing by yourself, make sure that you keep your hands away from the body-you do not want to look tense, and you do not want to be fiddling with buttons or earrings.

  • Cover all bases

Two days prior to the shoot, you will need to call up the magazine to confirm location, date and time. This is also the perfect time to ask any questions and make last-minute changes. The magazine will confirm the choice of outfits, and you will ensure that you have everything in place. Do not forget to do your nails in attractive and unassuming ways. There are way too many photos out there that have been ruined by horribly long and untended nails. While at it, do not overlook your toes-you would be shocked at how often that happens!

  • Get lots of sleep

Sleep relaxes your facial muscles and avoids bloodshot eyes as well as bags on the face. Grab 8 hours of sleep a day for the three consecutive days going into the shoot.

Go get em!

On the appointed day, wake up early, take a light meal and get ready. Be punctual and exude confidence. Pay attention to the people around you and let them help whenever they can. Do not forget to carry your props to the shoot.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!