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Hassle-Free Salon-Quality Hair at Half the Price

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It’s no secret.  Haircare can get expensive.  A simple cut at a high-end salon could cost you $40.  And, let’s not even get started on adding in additional services.  Luckily, there are a few ways you can rock an awesome look with a limited budget.

First of all, don’t wash every day.  It’s not good for your hair.  Washing daily with shampoo strips away hair’s nutrients, leading to breakage.  Instead, consider using a dry shampoo, or even simply massaging baby powder or baking soda into your scalp to keep your roots from becoming too oily.  To remove chlorine from the hair and prevent damage, Gina Layland, spa manager at the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California, recommends sprinkling baking soda as a natural neutralizer.

Choosing to take a day off here and there can also save hair from blow-drying, which can prove to be especially damaging.  Alternatively, if you can go without drying after a wash, do so.  Limiting exposure to the heat will help to limit the damage.  Wearing hair down, rather than tying it back, will also help.

You should steer clear of using too many products, or too much of a product.  This means, using only a small amount of hair spray, gel, mousse, so-called split-end treatments, and any other miracle potion.  Keeping hair as product-free as possible will make it as healthy as possible.  This also means skipping the dye, especially at home.  Take-home kits that contain bleach are a no-no.  If you must dye your mane, leave it to a professional.

Those looking for highlights can consider some inexpensive, effective alternatives such as applying lemon juice, honey and olive oil, and vinegar.  Many swear by the lightening properties of these easy-to-find, make-at-home concoctions.  Don’t forget that baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and beer can also be used to clarify and make hair shine.  And, coconut oil works wonders on restoring moisture and promoting follicle growth.

Another way to get stand-out hair is to simply switch up your ‘do.  Consult a YouTube Video or Pinterest tutorial that will help you to perfect an at-home up-do, or braid.  Use tangle-free bands to limit damage when tying hair back.  You can also consider wearing a headscarf or headband, which adds style without tugging at your mane.  If you’re daring enough, you might invest in your own sheers and snip away split ends at home.  These can be found at most pharmacies or hair care wholesalers.

Looking good really doesn’t have to cost a lot and most of these simple tricks can be done at home.  Just don’t be surprised when someone asks who does your hair!

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