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Grow Stronger, Thicker Nails: A Must Read for Hand Models

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Due to the fact about your hands being on the display at all time; especially for a girl to have better looking hands and nails is one of the best ways to enhance more attractive in the eyes many people. Besides, as a result of the daily work schedules that you normally engage in such as; household chores and writing, among others, there is a high possibility of your hands to become fully covered in dry peeling skin and even decorated with thick dirty nails.

In addition, there are various steps and ways that can help you ensure better outlook of your hands and nails, these include the following;

  • Regular cleaning of hands.

It’s a recommended in case you might have a nail polish to thoroughly remove it before washing your hands. However, this is perfectly done by applying the most effective soap on a toothbrush. Then, washing your hands with use of warm water and rubbing the soap to all the places, such as; between the fingers, the wrist and even area close to the nails.

Then, after you wash the soap off, scrubbing the nails and dirt around it with the soapy toothbrush is the next step to follow. Finally, ensuring slightly circular movement around your hands with the use of soapy toothbrush; still facilities effective disappearance of the dead skin, enabling clean hands.

  • Let your hands dry up.

However, after the effective wash; it’s advisable to preferably use a piece of clean towel to dry the hands in some extent and leave a little moisture on them. Then, then rush in applying lotions or even filing your nails.

  • Massage your hands.

Correspondingly, looking for something that can enable your hands become smoother such as olive oil, massaging lotion, lemon juice or even yogurt; by just rubbing on the hands and palms in a slow motion. Therefore, it’s important to wash thoroughly the components that you had used to enhance more dryness and tightness of your hands.

  • Rub in some lotion.

Furthermore, gently rubbing enough lotion in proper manner and at a slow pace makes your peeling skin drier and well looking. On the contrary, ensuring that you don’t overuse it’s also necessary.

  • Always keep your nails trimmed.

Accordingly, in order to make proper maintenance of your nails easier; it’s good to keep them short. Besides, this will enable you to have a possibility of cleaning the undersides of the nails before attempting to clip them. Therefore, developing a habit of shortening them at the same shape and length is a best option. Moreover, in some other cases were you might be interesting in filing them sometimes; it’s useful to rub some cuticle cream on each nail and wait for a maximum of twenty minutes for it to dry up.

  • Use organic nail polish if you are in need of.

Sometimes, if you might need to grab your favorite color especially when attending a special event or going out; then, considering the strong nail polish is necessary in preventing your nails from becoming weak or even yellow.

Then, after you select favorable color to paint the nails out; like the actual color, it’s advisable to accurately separate such colors between a thick coat of clear polish to enhance more protection and shininess. Indeed, after you have successfully accomplished that; then leave the nails to dry up or look for some gloves to wear in order to lock in enough moisture.

  • Eating a healthy diet.

Basically, eating well a balanced diet on daily basis is an essential in ensuring a healthy body. The lack of enough nutrients can cause some deficiencies leading to weakening and even pits in the nails. This creates some funny look on your nails which might not be interesting to you and others around.

  • Avoid putting your hands on ice or hot water.

The effects related with coldness are that it leads to the dilation and constriction of capillary vessels due to low temperature making the hands look reddish. On the other hand, hot water can lead to dryness of the skin as a result of taking away the sebum; which is an essential component of the skin layer.

  • Moisturize your cuticles.

Correspondingly, as regards to the cuticles being naturally tough; they are also more prone to drying out and cracking in a painful sensation; when not kept under the better conditions of moisture. Therefore, in order to select the best natural moisturizer for your cuticles; making a consideration of homemade herbal creams like oils are most effective.

  • Ensure effective buffing.

Additionally, as well known, this is a process of making sure that you polish the fingernails until they shine. Then, the use of a nail buffer its more worth when compared with others; on the contrary it’s important to try to know the effects related with continuous buffing like reduction of the strength for your nails, in order to take caution when performing it.

  • Emphasizing on proper protection of your nails and hands.

It’s necessary to ensure at homes, especially when cleaning up utensils you don’t use some chemicals. With its consistent use, household chemicals can add stain your hands and weaken the nails to a greater extent. Therefore, if you may end up using some, it’s better to wear the gloves for better protection.

  • File your nails in the required way.

Again, the use of very fine nails should be emphasized at all; because the rough nails does extremely harm to your fingernails by leaving them under more pain. Also, ensuring filing your nails in only one direction is essential to avoid weakening them.

  • Trying use of the anti- aging face creams.

Comparatively, better use of these creams especially by applying it to the back of your hands before you sleep; can enhance more outlooks of the hands and nails. This is because majority of these essential creams have important oils necessary for your skin.

  • Use organic nail polish remover.

However, when the time comes to take off the old polish; it’s advisable to use the nonacetone remover. But taking great caution of not breathing in the fumes to avoid the effects of throat irritation and increase in pulse rate.

To summarize, ensuring the hands and nails are always neat is a better way to improve your health; and avoid the chances to suffer from related symptoms.


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