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Connections are key in the entertainment world, and having a solid social media presence is critical.  This means joining and getting up-to-speed with the latest functionality available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the many, many other sites out there that are helping to connect talent with industry professionals.

More and more, industry events such as fashion shows, model calls, background opportunities, and the like, are being posted on social media sites.  This is largely because these sites offer a free space for casting professionals get the word out there to a vast number of users all at once.

Entertainment companies, casting hubs, and freelance casting directors have established their own social media pages to boost their presence.  Signing in and keyword searching on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to find and connect with these individuals and their professional pages will ensure you’re notified of the latest project postings.  Since posts tend to be relatively frequent, it’s possible to be notified of many opportunities simultaneously or, at least, consistently.

Developing a LinkedIn profile and filling in the resume fields will allow you to have a free and useful electronic marketing tool as well.  When applying for opportunities online, you can send employers your public profile link in addition to a cover letter, resume, and/or comp card.  This is one way in which you can put your best foot forward, come across as dedicated from the get-go, and stand out from the competition.

It’s important to be Internet savvy in our interconnected world, and social media expertise has become especially important.  Staying abreast of new technology and learning the ins and outs of online research will help you to maximize your reach.  However, this doesn’t mean, of course, that attending industry events and physically mixing and mingling with the pros simply goes by the wayside.  Face-to-face interaction will always remain important in entertainment.

Having both a solid physical and online presence go hand in hand as part of an overall plan for self-promotion.  Meeting industry gurus and later connecting with them over social media is a great way to network, and makes it easier for others to remember who you are long after that first impression.  Keeping your pages up-to-date with your skills and experience will take the initial meeting to the next level and help others to truly understand why you’re qualified for the job.

Stay visible – go to too many functions, attend too many events, show up at too many casting calls and auditions – and use social media to further expand your reach.  If you nail it, this is sure to be a winning strategy.

-Sara Teller

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!