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It’s Never Too Late to Say Sorry

It’s Never Too Late to Say Sorry

California Stories Only, Reality TV!

Are you ready to confront your past and apologize?
Have you wronged someone and regret it?
Do you want to show someone that you turned your life around and you are not the same person?

The Producers of “The Voice,” “The Bachelor,” and “Survivor,” are putting their investigators to work to help you locate a person from your past that you thought you’d never be able to find or see again. Get closure and say sorry to the ones you can’t stop thinking about all these years later. Stories will be told with the utmost respect and consideration for all parties involved.

Apply by filling out the form but also send an email to including the following information:

- Name
- City, State
- Phone
- Email
- Tell us the story
- Recent Photo

** Must be 18 or older to apply **

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