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Growing Up Gold Coast

Growing Up Gold Coast

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GUGTV Studios is currently looking for male model and/or actor between the ages of 16 and 21 in the New York area to become a recurring cast member on the reality TV show 'Growing Up Gold Coast'!

'Growing Up Gold Coast' follows two men in their twenties (AJ and Gucci) and their start-up production company. The spot we are trying to fill is for a younger intern to act as AJ's assistant, who can also fill roles in commercials / music videos / short films as the production company is hired to produce them.

Not only will this cast member be part of the reality TV show, there will also be opportunity for him to be cast in actual commercials that the production company shoots!

To be considered, please complete the form to the right including a brief description of yourself as well as any portfolio work including head shots.


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