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Exercising On-the-Go

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Must-Dos When You’re Doing Too Much

So, you know you need to exercise – it’s good for you, will give you more energy, and you’ll shine in your portfolio photos.  But, you’re always on the go and can never find time to dedicate to a regimented program.  It just seems like so much work to commit to a plan.  How are you going to carve out the time?

Well, the good news is – you don’t have to carve out any but a few extra pounds.  There are plenty of ways you can incorporate exercise into your every day schedule that doesn’t involve a gym membership or even taking time away from other need-to-do task.  Here’s a few options for squeezing in a simple routine without slowing down.

Take a power shower.  The next time you roll out of bed in the morning and start the shower, turn on some tunes while the water is getting warm.  Then, while you’re shampooing or layering with body wash, do some squats or back leg lifts.  This will kick your energy into high gear in no time at all, so you’ll be ready to face the day.

Applying for your next casting?  While sitting in front of the computer, do some leg lifts.  Better yet, find an object balance on top of your legs while you do it.  Even better, prop your laptop on a high counter top and apply to each gig standing up.

Speaking of computer work, which can be largely sedentary, the while you’re waiting for what seems like ages for a document to load or print, practice stretching.  Arm bends burn more calories than finger-tapping.  Bend them over your back, taking one hand and pushing the elbow of the other arm down.  For more easy desk stretches, check out the suggestions here.

Another simple trick to shed some weight while waiting, and improve muscle tone at the same time, is to consciously suck in your stomach while you sit.  Do this throughout the day and you’ll see your ab muscles poke through soon enough!

If you’re looking to boost energy levels and enjoy lasting effects, you must boost your cardio.  Park a bit further from the office doors when you get to work.  Have a desk a few floors up?  Skip the elevator and take the stairs.  Live close?  If you’re extra daring, walk to work or grab your bike.

You might also consider adding more active photo shoots to your portfolio.  Is there a client looking for an exercise model or a fun summer, outdoor shoot you that involves playing a sport, jumping on a trampoline, taking a dip or running along the beach?  Add in a few active shoots to incorporate some exercise into your routine without having to take time away from work.

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