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Endless Acting Opportunities

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There are many different types of acting opportunities and routes aspiring talent can take to make it big.  While many actors, of course, would like to see their name on the big screen, there are plenty of alternative roles to consider while journeying to the top.  And, it’s important to remember that every opportunity offers an aspiring actor invaluable experience.  So, just as securing a top-level position in corporate America takes some time, it may be necessary to start small and build up one’s resume before landing a starring role.

Actors hoping to make it big in the film industry can pursue a multitude of featured and background roles in various genres, including horror, sci-fi, comedic, drama, etc.  And, sometimes securing a small, nonspeaking spot in the background of a feature film or even a role in a short film will allow for one to showcase their ability to agents and prove to be that stepping stone that gets them noticed.

Television actors can star in series and sitcoms, commercials or infomercials.  They, too, can aspire to be the star of a show or simply snatch up a nonspeaking role and work their way to the top.  Many A-listers became familiar faces by first accepting short commercial spots.  One can also be a game host show, broadcaster, newscaster, reality TV guest, or live event host.

There’s plenty of theatrical opportunities as well, including scripted plays, musicals, and improv shows.  Oftentimes, those looking to gain experience as theater actors secure spots in murder mystery dinner shows or at escape rooms.  Actors have also found less traditional spots, such as opportunities to play Disney characters or clowns at children’s parties, mimes at corporate events, or by pursuing dance or stunt acting.

Those who pursue brand ambassador opportunities are able to mix modeling with acting.  They dress up in specific outfits or costumes, interact with event attendees, pose for pictures, and are sometimes given a certain script to follow.  Some dress up as fictional characters or simply in themed-attire, their true identities may or may not be evident.

Remember, a very small number of actors make it onto Hollywood’s A-list, but that doesn’t mean that pursuing an acting career is too far-fetched or out of the question altogether.  When deciding which path fits you best, be sure to take some time and think outside of the box, considering the multitude of roles available to you.

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