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Eager to Get Booked? Your Best Shot is a Great Headshot

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Actor headshots are, arguably, the most important tool in the talent’s toolbox.  Casting directors and agents will ask for a headshot and keep it handy to pull out whenever a new role pops up that seems like it might be a good fit.  Therefore, having an effective headshot – one that meets all of the typical requirements and still somehow stands out from the crowd – is as good as gold.  Understanding the difference between an effective and an ineffective one is key, and this distinction should be clear long before a shoot.

Actor headshots should represent the talent’s type

Actor headshots should represent the talent’s type so the image can be used to audition for roles that fit this type.  This shoulders-up shot should clearly demonstrate who the actor is trying to portray him- or herself as without any second-guessing.  It is essential to wear an outfit that brings out your facial features (in a good way) and does not distract from your look.  Keep your wardrobe simple and well put-together.

Nailing the pose also means allowing yourself to have enough time to get situated before you say “go” and the photographer snaps the image.  Make sure to always look directly at the camera, center yourself, and square your shoulders.  Sometimes, the right pose may seem a bit uncomfortable as you are twisting and turning and tilting your head.  This is a normal part of the process.

Do not be afraid to tell the photographer about the look you are going for

Be specific with your look

Do not be afraid to tell the photographer about the look you are going for, and ensure this person includes enough surface area along the shoulder line so the print appears centered.  If it is cropped too high, ask to have it retaken.  The last thing you want to do is present a chin-up image to a casting director.  It is best to do your research, and work with a photographer who knows actor headshots well.

Get creative with how you use the final product.  Sometimes, thumbnail-sized actor headshots are included on resume.  This way, anyone reviewing the bullet-pointed list can also reference a graphic and tie this in with the name on top.  When this is done, a larger print out is also included separately.

Your headshot should be representative of your current look

Above all, your headshot should be representative of your current look.  When casting directors collect and review materials, they are look for a particular type that matches an open role.  Actor headshots are a viewed as a visual business card and Casting Directors rely on their accuracy, so keep your look up-to-date and you will have invaluable tool in your back pocket!

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