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Don’t Let Bad Breath Keep You from Getting Booked

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You’ve worked way too hard to get here to allow bad breath to keep you from reaching your goals.  If you’ve got an audition around the corner and are worried that something simple like this will slip you up, there are some to-dos you can add to your list right now.

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, oral health issues – which are fairly common – could be to blame, such as dry mouth, sinus problems or even cavities.  While you’ll probably want to schedule a visit to a dentist if it doesn’t go away, here are a few things you can try at home first.

Drink more water. When the amount of saliva in your mouth is low, it can induce bad-smelling breath.  The quickest way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to up your H20 intake.  You should also avoid dehydrating drinks such as those that contain caffeine, which will only make the issue worse.

Up the brushing…and add some floss. If you know you usually don’t take enough time caring for your smile, it’s important to up the ante.  Removing lingering food particles will help eliminate bacteria that cause odor.  Make sure you’re flossing and brushing your tongue, too.

Eliminate bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol can both cause bad breath.  These habits affect oral health, damaging your teeth and gum tissue.  Alcohol is also dehydrating.  Deciding to reduce your intake or quit for good will help get breath back to normal.

Change your diet. Certain foods can lead to lingering mouth odor, including onions, spices, garlic, tea and coffee, and processed foods with a high sugar content.  Swapping bad-for-you choices with a high protein, low carb diet will improve your overall health, including oral hygiene.  Adding a daily probiotic will also help.

Medications. Many prescription medications can lead to dehydration and dry mouth.  If you believe you are taking a medication that causes bad breath, mention this to your doctor.  Chances are there’s another option that won’t lead to a stench.

In general, if you’re looking to get booked by eliminating bad breath, up your oral hygiene routine, paying particular attention to what you eat and drink throughout the day and how you care for your teeth.  You can also start regularly gargling salt water or add product from your local pharmacy meant to reduce dry mouth.  These simple changes will ensure bad breath doesn’t slow you down.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!