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Don’t Forget to Just Be Real

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The key to landing a role lies in ensuring when you exit the audition room, you leave the casting director inspired and excited to work with you.  And, part of this is as simple as having a pleasant personality.  First impressions are everything.  You might get a chance to come back even if you don’t nail the audition the first go-around, but only if your first attempt isn’t forgotten for all the right reasons. 

If a casting director asks you personal questions, for instance, such as where you’re from or what led you on your path, chances are he or she is trying to get to know you beyond what you slate and the monologue you’ve cited.  So, be prepared to answer these questions.  Sometimes actors get in front of the CD and freeze, forgetting everything other than what’s on sheet in front of them.  While it’s important to be able to effectively recite your lines, you also have to stay calm and comfortable enough to just be real.

If you get in front of a CD and fumble your words when you’re asked something about yourself, the impression you’ll give off is that you prefer to be impersonable and stay focused solely on the purpose of your presence.  And, no one wants to work with someone who is one dimensional and cannot think on the fly.  If you’re uncomfortable going off-script, this only makes everyone else uncomfortable, and the project will flop – there’s an undeniable domino effect that being difficult to work with has on the whole cast.  Inevitably, actors must create a bond with their colleagues during production.

Without being too long-winded, of course, don’t be afraid to open up about your journey and what led you to where you are today.  Don’t be afraid to say you’re from a small town or you grew up in a different country.  This is what makes you, you.  And, it’s what makes you unique and interesting. 

Colorful and inspiring are what casting directors are looking for.  They want book an actor who they know can light up the room.  Just as anyone does, they want this person to be genuine.

Talent will get you in the door but giving off a positive vibe personality-wise will keep you there.  Own who you are just as much as who you’re trying to be in the role.  Stay humble and centered and answer any questions you’re asked truthfully.  Just be yourself!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!