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Defining Your Type, and Being Willing to Adapt

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If you want to be cast at your next audition, you’ll first have to understand the “type” of character(s) you can play.  This is based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to gender, physical appearance, personality, age range, and even occupation.  While you can work to move outside of your type, you’ll first want to identify what this is based on these criteria, because you must have a general understanding of who you are as an actor and what kind of roles you can play before you expand your reach.  Having this knowledge will inevitably get you cast, and you can expand from there.

Why is it so important to understand your type when you’re an actor, after all?  Because acting takes place in a visual medium and an audience wants to understand who you are before you even utter a line, you’ll want to be intimately connected with the character they are looking for.  You will be best prepared in a role that naturally fits you, and this is why it is important to define what’s a good fit right in the beginning.  You’ll be able to book roles more quickly, build up your resume, and have a genuine opportunity to showcase your range when you’re more experienced.

It is important to note that all actors have a type.  And, it may help to ask those closest to you what yours might be.  You may receive a more objective answer from someone else than you would be trying to self-reflect and identify the best roles for yourself.  When you engage in conversations with others, they are noting your appearance, the way you speak, and your body language as well as acknowledging what you are saying.  So, the next time you’re shooting the breeze with someone, ask them how they’d categorize you character-wise.

Of course, just because you have a clear understanding of what your type is when you’re preparing to audition and pull it off seamlessly in front of the casting director, he or she may have a different plan for you.  They could see you in a different light.  So, it’s also important to simply expect the unexpected and this is what it takes to be a successful actor – adaptability.  Simply having an idea of the roles you should audition for, however, will go a long way with industry insiders.  It means you’re taking your career seriously and preparing for success!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!