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D.C. Talent Filmed For New BET Series

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criminalsatwork-black-logoOne of our younger Washington D.C. talents was selected, booked, and filmed episodes for BET’s new series, “Criminals At Work.” The new docu-crime series airs on the BET Network. The riveting eight-episode series explores shocking criminal acts committed in and around the workplace. It features revealing eye-witness interviews, actual crime-scene footage and gripping reenactments, “Criminals At Work” dramatically illustrates that you may not really know your co-workers as well as you think.

Every one-hour episode tells two suspenseful and factual stories where unsuspecting working people witness their workplace transformed into a place of mayhem.

It is told through different points of view simultaneously — the co-workers who were there at the time of the crime, the reporters who covered the stories, law enforcement who investigated the crime, and psychologists — This different perspectives are meant to show viewers that common places of work can become crime scenes when least expected.

Our young talent was booked for two different episodes; one where he plays the son of the main criminal and the other as, Martin, a young boy in a school. Caleb’s episodes are set to air on Jan. 13th and Jan. 27th, keep your eyes open for him!

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