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Curb Your Dreaded Carb Cravings

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If you’re preparing for a photoshoot, chances are you’re stepping up your H20 intake, exercise routine, and skincare regimen.  You may be focusing on eating healthy with well-balanced meals that’ll keep you going to the gym.  But it can be especially tough to curb carb cravings despite all your best efforts.  Here are some tips for keeping those dreaded carbs in check.

Get enough to eat. If you’re going too long in between meals, your blood sugar will drop, and this is a natural signal to the body to carb-o-load.  So, it’s important to eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day to keep your sugar levels even and curb cravings.

Up your water intake…even more. Oftentimes when you think your body needs sugar or other simple carbs it’s because you’re actually thirsty.  Keep a bottle handy at all times and sip on this throughout the day, refilling as often as needed.  The next time you notice the signal to eat some sugar, take a drink of water instead and see if it subsides.

Wait a minute. Sometimes hunger pains indicate something else is off.  Wait a minute or so and focus on what’s going on with your body.  Are you tired?  Upset?  Overwhelmed?  Your body may be looking for a quick fix to get out of a rut.  Listen to it and satisfy what really needs to be instead.

Remember fat and protein. If you choose to grab a piece of fruit make sure to pair it with something denser so your sugar levels don’t spike suddenly.  Consider snacking on protein-rich foods and those that contain healthy fats, such as a handful of almonds.  It’s all about maintaining balance and filling your gut without overindulging.

Carbs shouldn’t be seen as the enemy. Rather, they exist to complement other food types and are just fine in moderation.  If you suddenly eliminate them altogether this will be a recipe for disaster.  It’ll inevitably lead to rebounding.  So, it’s important to continue adding carbs to your daily routine along with those foods that stick.

Preparing for a shoot can be stressful.  But it’s important to take the time to remember why you’re there and give yourself credit for landing a gig!  This is a big accomplishment.  You’ve made it this far.  Commit to a healthy lifestyle and you’ll have the energy it takes to keep the momentum going!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!