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Common Headshot Mistakes to Avoid

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Your headshots are your golden ticket to getting noticed in the entertainment industry.  So, it’s important to nail the shot.  But, there are many common mistakes when it comes to perfecting your pose.  Make sure to steer clear of this handful of mishaps.

Only focusing on what you look like on the outside. You might have your hair and makeup professional done, but if you’re out of whack on the inside, this is sure to shine through.  Get a good night’s rest before your shoot and make sure you schedule on a day you know you’ll have plenty of time and won’t have to feel rushed.  Think of your photo shoot as any other gig, too, and put on a performance in front of the camera.  Let your personality show in each shot. 

Forgetting to connect with your agent. This is the person who is constantly putting you out there for projects.  They know what’s hot and happening and they review breakdowns on a daily basis to see what roles would be the best fit.  This means, your agent also knows what you should have in your portfolio to get noticed.  They know what casting directors are looking for.  So, get on the phone and have a short chat before you head to the studio.

Doing your own makeup. You know what looks best on you and you likely have your makeup routine down pat.  But, professional makeup artists know what looks good in front of the camera and oftentimes you have to apply more tint or different shading than you’re used to, so the palette stands out in the final product.  When it comes to creating your most important piece of marketing, it’s best to leave the details to the pros.  Hire an artist who has experience getting talent ready for their poses and knows what colors and tones work best for the camera.  They can easily flaw-correct and minimize or maximize certain features to ensure you look your very best in any light or angle.

Not speaking up. When it’s game day and you’re in front of the camera, it’s important that the photographer understands what your expectations are.  You should connect with the person you’ll be working with prior to the shoot with any special requests.  If something is not looking or feeling right to you on the big day, make sure you speak up, too.  Professional photographers understand how different poses and angles will appear in the final product, but if you feel uncomfortable, this is sure to show.  This is an important piece of your career, so make sure you feel good about how it plays out.

Your headshot is a visual resume that will instantly tell a casting director whether or not you’re a good fit for a role.  Make sure you have a few options handy to submit for differing genres and you have a good variety for your agent to work with.  Avoid common headshot mistakes, take a deep breath, and have fun!

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