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Commercial Needs Models in Orlando

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Casting Directors are looking for models in a commercial set to film in Orlando, Florida. This is a paid opportunity to be in advertisement for a well-known American liquor brand filming next week.


Southern Comfort is an American whiskey-based liqueur flavored with fruit and spice. It was created in 1874 in New Orleans and has since been in American staple when it comes to whiskey. Their ad campaigns are usually very simple and to-the-point.  They like to keep their advertisements classy with bold writing and smooth images, just like the product they put out. However, their most recent campaigns featured a large shirtless man holding a glass of whiskey with the catch phrase, “Whatever’s Comfortable…Southern Comfort.” This is a great opportunity to work in a commercial that will air nationally.


When: May 2nd

Where: Orlando, Florida

This is a great opportunity to be in a commercial airing nationally. Liquor and beer commercials are very popular during sporting events and national events, so this will gain you plenty of exposure. Not only will you be paid for your role, you will earn valuable experience working with professionals and earn credit for your acting and modeling portfolio.

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