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Chris Pratt is All That…When it Comes to Singing

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Chris Pratt, the superstar lead in the “Jurassic World” movies, “Avengers: Endgame,” “Passengers” and the hit television series “Parks and Recreation,” is proving you’re never too big to remember your roots.  After all, once upon a time, he had to start somewhere (just like everyone else).  And, it turns out the multi-talented actor is also musically inclined. 

Pratt, 40, recently made two surprise appearances in Nashville bars, taking over the mic and belting out classic country songs.  And, fans were floored.

His impromptu performances were perhaps somewhat reminiscent of Pratt’s days as Andy Dwyer, playing the guitar in P & R with a leg cast after falling into the Sullivan Street pit Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is tasked with turning into a community park.  Unlike the character he played, though, Chris has some real talent and the means to do something about it.  He’s got quite a voice, and fans are now begging for an album release.

It all started when Pratt took the stage at Robert’s Western World, where he sang alongside local country singer Sarah Gayle Meech who had been scheduled to take the stage that night.  Then, he performed a solo spot, opting to offer a rendition of Johnny Cash’s song “Folsom Prison Blues.”

A woman lucky enough to witness the whole thing posted on Instagram: “This is what happens when my wild funny friends text at 11:30 that they are going to Roberts to see @sarahgaylemeech, I say hell yes and go out representing @jessedayton, then I show up and @prattprattpratt is on stage with my lovely friend.” 

Meech also posted a selfie with Pratt on Instagram, adding: “You never know who will show up at Robert’s Western World…Thank you @prattprattpratt you made our night.”

But the surprises weren’t over for Pratt.  After he offered a show-stopping spot alongside Meech, he headed over to Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge for another pop-up performance, choosing to woo fans with Garth Brooks’ song “Papa Loved Mama.”

“Are you kidding me…resident #avengers nerd. 10 feet away from #prattprattpratt. He came, he rocked, he owned #tootsies” an Instagrammer in attendance posted.  Another fan posted: “When you are at @tootsiesnet and see @prattprattpratt sing!! Thank you!!”

Maybe this is Pratt’s way of introducing his musical talent on the scene to see if he’s got a shot.  Judging from the media following that ensued, it looks like a career expansion may be on the horizon.  Keep your eyes peeled – you never know where Pratt will pop up next!

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