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Charcoal: An Essential Health & Beauty Add-on

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It may seem strange when you open a jar of charcoal-based beauty cream and it’s pitch black.  Who wants do put that all over your face?  Well, you should!  There are a ton of useful options for this midnight-colored cream and other charcoal-based products.  Here’s how to incorporate it into your routine.

Try the supplement. Activated charcoal can filter out undigested toxins from the body, improving kidney function and making you feel more energetic.  It also helps with intestinal distress, minimizing bloating by soaking up excess water and helping to bind harmful bacteria.  As a once-daily pill, this small change can go a long way in detoxifying the body and improving overall health.

Pick up some toothpaste. Charcoal-based toothpaste naturally whitens teeth and improves oral health.  It may seem counterintuitive to put a black paste over your chompers, but once you rinse, you’ll begin to notice a difference.  Use twice daily for the best results.

Incorporate a face mask. Adding a charcoal mask to your beauty regimen will help remove wrinkle-inducing toxins that collect on your face throughout the day, unclog pores, and add a soft glow to your skin.  The mask can also help manage an oily palette and ward off blackhead breakouts.  Use at night after you remove your makeup to remove any invisible buildup.

Deodorize. Because charcoal is a toxin remover, it is also an odor remover.  And, because charcoal absorbs excess water, it reduces the amount of sweat in your pits.  There are many antiperspirants on the market that include charcoal in the ingredient list.

Treat skin infections. Homeopathic products designed to heal skin infections tend to include charcoal.  It has antibacterial properties and helps remove harmful contaminants on site.  Pick up a cream option and apply to the infected area before covering with a bandage.

Purify your water. Charcoal is often used in at-home filters to naturally clear water of any buildup.  Chances are, if you’re using a purifier, it has a carbon filter to make your H20 crystal clear. Obviously, the main reason charcoal is used in a variety of ways is because it is a detoxifier.  It has been incorporated into a number of products over years, all over the world, for this reason.  Yet, it has only recently started trending as a must-have.  With more options now available, it’s easy to incorporate charcoal and its awesome ability to provide a full range of health benefits into your daily routine.

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