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Champs Sports Casting in Miami

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Are you an athlete who is interested in appearing on a new television show? Do you know a ton of sports trivia? Champs Sports has put out a casting call for the upcoming series called “Going Numb”. The new game show will pair athletes with Miami Dolphins player Jarvis Landry to compete in an Ice Bath Challenge. Filming will be in Miami, Florida.

This casting call is searching for males who are ages 18 to 22. They are seeking sports enthusiasts who have general knowledge in sports and who are outgoing. Shooting is scheduled to take place on May 13th, 2017. This will be a super fun series so don’t miss out on your chance and apply to the casting call.

Dates: May 13th

Where: Miami, Florida

Pay Rate: Dependent on Role

Going Numb is a catchphrase-style game show that gives the contestants a once in a lifetime opportunity to team up with a current Miami Dolphins player, Jarvis Landry, to complete the “Ice Bath Challenge.” While sitting in the freezing ice bath, contestants must guess the secret phrase without using the word itself. The goal is to identify 10 phrases correctly in :90 seconds. If an opponent passes, more ice is added to their tub and they’re given another secret phrase to ask their opponent.

If the contestant and the athlete are successful, they will be crowned winners and the contestant will receive a donation to his school’s athletic department. Going Numb is a bi-monthly series produced by Complex, and is viewable on Champs Sports YouTube and social channels.

What They Are Looking For:

– The team is looking for young athletes interested in participating in a new show for Champs Sports called Going Numb.

– All interested candidates will go through a quick vetting process and must confirm interest ASAP.

– Must be able to attend a shoot in Miami on May 13th, 2017

– Must be willing to sign a waiver/release and shave facial hair

– $500 gift card to Champs Sports is compensation

– Upon confirming interest, please provide full contact info, a photo of yourself and all social media accounts

– Cannot be seeded free product from other brands, or endorsed by any footwear or sports retailer brands

– Cannot be affiliated with or seeking eligibility for NCAA programs

All inquiries should be sent to ASAP for consideration.
This is a great opportunity for young athletes in the Miami area — please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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