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Caffeine is for More Than Just Coffee

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You’re probably used to turning to coffee for a morning pick me up, because of the one key ingredient it contains – caffeine, oh how we love thee.  But did you know caffeine contains some major health and beauty benefits?  Here are just a few of the ways this ingredient can be added to your routine.

Calm inflammation. Caffeine temporarily reduces puffiness.  So, it can be found in a variety of beauty products meant to depuff the face and body, such as under eye and weight management body creams.  Drinking coffee also adds means ingesting antioxidants, which can further ease inflammation and slow down cell damage.

Reduce redness. If you have chronic face flushing, rosacea or psoriasis, caffeine will instantly calm irritated areas, reducing blotchiness on the spot.  Pick up a cream or serum that is caffeine-based and apply to affected areas daily.  There will be a wealth of options available at your local drug store.

Ease sunburns. Caffeine protects the skin from UV damage caused by the sun and reduces the risk of skin cancer.  Add a drop of the serum to your next dab of sunscreen and apply all over the face and body.  It also helps improve the appearance of already burnt skin by reducing redness, inflammation, and irritation.

Aid hair growth. This wonder ingredient can calm hair follicle agitation which leads to premature hair loss.  It will deliver its active ingredients directly into the follicles.  Caffeine has also been shown to jumpstart hair growth when added to your daily wash routine.  Pick up a caffeine-based shampoo and conditioner combo.  The topical application of a coffee mask on the hair and scalp increases blood circulation and strengthens the follicles, which prevents future loss, detangles, and helps with lengthening.

Reduce cellulite. Coffee powder and its active ingredient – you guessed it, caffeine! –naturally reduces the appearance of cellulite.  Add the powder as a once daily exfoliant and apply to improve skin smoothness while reducing puffiness.  Then, top with a caffeine-based moisturizer for maximum results.

Cure acne. Blemish-preventing products often contain caffeine.  The antioxidants it provides keep skin clear and ward off future breakouts.  Include it as part of your daily wash routine.

Caffeine has so many more uses than its traditional place in your A.M. cup.  Adding it to your routine will improve your appearance and reduce the signs of aging.  Who knew such a simple ingredient can work so hard?

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!