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Bryan Cranston Show Casting in Chicago

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Casting Directors are looking for men and women ages 22 and up for filming in Chicago, Illinois between Monday, May 8 and May Monday, 15th. Producers are looking for Extras and featured roles.

Amazon has picked up Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (fka Electric Dreams: The World of Philip K. Dick), a ten episode science fiction anthology series from Ronald D. Moore, Michael Dinner, Bryan Cranston and Sony Pictures TV. The show is based on short stories by the award-winning novelist.

Dates: May 8th – May 15th

Where: Chicago, Illinois

Pay Rate: Dependent on Role

Each episode of Electric Dreams will be a stand-alone based on Dick’s shorts stories as adapted by a writers room made up of British and American writers. Joining Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Outlander) and Dinner (Justified) as writers are Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), Matthew Graham (Doctor Who), David Farr (The Night Manager), Dee Rees (Bessie) and Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim).

Fortune 500 Gaming/Tech Company Employees
Description: Tech-types and gamers (both should have a polished look)
Gender: Male/Female
Age: 22 – 55
Ethnicity: Any
Subject Line: “Employee”

Pedestrian Extras
Gender: Male/Female
Age: 22 – 65
Ethnicity: Any
Subject Line: “Pedestrians”

Monday, 5/8 or Tuesday, 5/9 and Wednesday, 5/10 (you will either work Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday [the last two dates are matching]

Medical Staff
Gender: Male/Female
Age: 22 – 55
Ethnicity: Any
Other: If you have a photo of yourself in scrubs, please submit as additional photo

If interested and available, please send an email to with the following:

1) Subject Line – Name of Role (if you want to be considered for more than one role, list all roles in the subject line)

2) In the submission email include name, age range, height, weight, city and zip, phone and email

3) Attach close-up candid photo and a full body in JPEG format. Make sure the photo is taken in decent lighting (no selfies), no sunglasses against a neutral background. Show your style but make sure they can see your face!

*NOTE: Rename the title of your photos with your Full Name. You should do this with all your submission photos

The director is being very specific that he wants to see photos of your current look, i.e. if you have photos with multiple different hairstyles, only send the photos that reflect your current hairstyle.

4) Please confirm your mode of transportation, i.e. Uber, bus, own vehicle, etc.

5) This show requires wardrobe fittings for all Extra roles, we will reach out to you with a separate email with date and time if you are under consideration

7) Give a general idea of your schedule: open, extremely flexible, limited, etc.

8) Confirm that you are okay with working overnight on 5/6, 5/8, 5/9 and 5/10 if you put in for those dates

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