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Boosting Your Confidence Naturally

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We all have a confidence threshold we attempt to reach each day while suppressing a certain level of anxiety.  It can be difficult to maintain an err of confidence amid extreme stress or chaos, or just prior to making an important speech or decision.  But, there are a few simple things we can do to keep our confidence level up.

First of all, while it may sound clique – you are what you eat.  Eating healthy can increase energy and, thus, improve confidence.  The opposite is also true – eating crappy makes us feel crappy.  Try incorporating foods, beverages, and supplements into your diet that will make you feel your best.

You can also spritz on your favorite spray.  Oddly enough, studies have shown that wearing an appealing scent boosts confidence levels in both sexes.  In fact, the more we like the scent we’re wearing, the more confident we become.  There are plenty of aromatherapy options that will recharge us, too, so we’re ready to take on anything.

Dressing up causes our confidence to go up.  Taking a few extra minutes to spruce up in the morning will help.  Wearing an outfit that we’re both comfortable in and know others will think we look good in induces a certain sense of swagger.  So, throw on that new sweater or your favorite pair of slacks and gear up for success.

We should ease into each day, too.  This means, rather than rolling out of bed and catching the bus, we’re better off setting an alarm and allowing ourselves enough time to adjust to a new day.  This extra time can be spent running the treadmill, taking a long, hot shower, or eating a balanced breakfast.  After a productive morning, we’ll arrive at the office ready to engage with co-workers and with the confidence we need to take on the next project.

Practicing positive affirmations can also help.  Don’t underestimate the power of an uplifting line or that perfect quote.  If you’re looking for an ego boost, set a reminder on your smartphone or in your email box that pops up with a positive line or two.  You can also tape these to your bathroom mirror or cubicle wall or carry a notepad full of confidence-inducing quotes.   Reference these throughout the day to stay focused and strong.

Practice good posture, too.  Sitting straight up can be both a mood-lifter and confidence-booster, according to Alexandra Duron of Greatist.  So, actively ensure you’re sitting straight with your shoulders back throughout the day, and anytime you find yourself slouching, simply adjust your frame.

Great eye contact, like proper posture, is a clear demonstration of confidence.  So, whenever you find yourself in an important meeting, interview, or social circle, in order to project confidence, look others square in the eye when they speak and nod in agreement whenever appropriate.  This is a sure way to come across as someone who means business.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!