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Behind the Scenes: A Day On Set as a Professional Model

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For aspiring or beginner models, stepping onto a professional set for the first time can be both thrilling and intimidating. Understanding what to expect can help you navigate this new environment with confidence and ease. Here’s a detailed look at a typical day on set for a professional model.

Early Morning: Preparation and Call Time

The day usually starts early. Models often receive a call sheet the night before, detailing the call time, location, and any specific instructions. It’s crucial to arrive on time, as punctuality is highly valued in the industry.

Upon arrival, the first stop is usually the makeup and hair department. Depending on the shoot’s requirements, this process can take anywhere from one to three hours. During this time, it’s common for models to sit still while artists work on their look. This is also a good time to mentally prepare for the day ahead and go over any details provided about the shoot.

Mid-Morning: Wardrobe Fitting

Once hair and makeup are done, it’s time for wardrobe. Professional shoots typically have a stylist who selects outfits based on the creative direction of the shoot. The model tries on various looks, and adjustments are made to ensure everything fits perfectly. This process can be time-consuming, especially if there are multiple outfits to wear throughout the day.

Late Morning: Rehearsals and Test Shots

Before the actual shoot begins, there are often rehearsals and test shots. This stage involves working with the photographer and creative director to finalize poses, lighting, and angles. Models need to pay close attention to instructions and be adaptable, as adjustments are frequently made to achieve the desired look.

Lunch Break

A lunch break is typically scheduled around midday. This is a chance to relax, refuel, and socialize with other team members. Maintaining energy levels is important, as the afternoon can be just as demanding as the morning.

Afternoon: The Main Shoot

The afternoon is usually dedicated to the main shoot. This is when the real work happens, and it can last several hours. Models need to stay focused and maintain their energy, even if the poses are repetitive or physically demanding. It’s important to follow the photographer’s direction closely and be open to feedback. Being able to hold a pose for an extended period and switching between different expressions quickly are key skills here.

Early Evening: Wrap-Up

As the shoot concludes, there’s often a wrap-up session. This includes reviewing the photos, ensuring that all required shots are captured, and making any last-minute adjustments if needed. The model may have to change back into their original clothes and remove makeup, unless instructed otherwise for continuity in a multi-day shoot.

After the Shoot: Follow-Up and Networking

After wrapping up, it’s crucial to thank the team and express gratitude for their efforts. Building good relationships with photographers, stylists, and directors can lead to future opportunities. Models often receive feedback on their performance, which can be invaluable for personal and professional growth.

Tips for Aspiring Models

• Stay Hydrated and Nourished: Long hours under bright lights can be draining. Bring snacks and water to keep your energy levels up.
• Be Professional: Arrive on time, follow instructions, and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.
• Practice Posing: Spend time practicing in front of a mirror or with a friend. Familiarity with your angles and expressions will make the shoot smoother.
• Build a Support Network: Connect with other models and industry professionals. Their advice and support can be incredibly beneficial.

A day on set can be demanding but also highly rewarding. Being well-prepared and maintaining a professional attitude will help you make the most of every opportunity. Good luck on your modeling journey! For more tips and insights, stay tuned to our blog and follow us on Instagram for daily updates and inspiration from the world of modeling.

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