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Audition Etiquette

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Acting auditions can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you’re an experienced actor who has seen success in the past, or an amateur starting out with your first big audition, it’s important to be prepared and know the proper etiquette. After all, a successful audition is not only about having great skills on set; it’s also about making a good impression before you even start performing. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your next audition goes perfectly!

Do Your Research

Before you step foot into the audition room, make sure to do your research. Find out as much as you can about the production – including any information provided in the casting call – and get familiar with the characters and story line.

Knowing what is expected of you during your audition will help you prepare adequately, allowing for appropriate improvisation as needed when on set.

Be On Time

When it comes to acting auditions, punctuality is key!

Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and plan ahead of time so that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes early on the day of the audition. Not only will this show directors that you’re serious about your craft, but it will also give you time to relax and focus before entering the room.

Make Eye Contact

One of the most important aspects of any successful audition is making eye contact with those in charge – including producers, directors and casting agents. During an interview or quick introduction prior the actual performance itself­– maintain eye contact throughout and speak clearly so everyone in attendance can hear what you’re saying. This shows confidence and respect for those behind the camera as well as professionalism .

Know Your Monologue

Actors should always come prepared to their auditions with a monologue memorized from front-to-back that best represents their type or style. It’s best practice to choose something short (1 to 2 minutes) but strong enough to leave a lasting impression through its delivery and content.

For musical theatre auditions specifically; have 32 bars of music ready along with one monologue at hand in case asked by directors or casting agents.

Expect The Unexpected

Sometimes last minute changes are made within auditions without warning; so come equipped with back up material if needed such as additional songs or monologues, that way you’re never caught off guard when put on-the-spot during an exciting opportunity like this one!

Additionally, if there’s time left over after delivering your material, the casting director may ask for some improv to really test your skills. Expect anything ranging from improvisation challenges to character questions.

At the end of the day, casting directors just want to work with actors that are professional, prepared, and easy to work with. By following the simple tips we outlined above, you can be sure that you’re giving yourself the best possible opportunity to make a great impression at your next audition.

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