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Annual Terms

These “Understandings of Service” are made in addition to the Terms of Service and other identification of services as listed on (“Website”). By proceeding with your upgrade to Nine9’s annual service plan, you acknowledge each of the following statements to be true and expressly agreed to by you:

As an enrolled talent of Nine9, Nine9 will assist in the creation of a modifiable digital comp card on the Website. The digital comp card will consist of 10 photo slots and updateable, relevant statistics altered by you, but subject to the Terms of Service implemented by Nine9 and/or the Website. A digital headshot shall include 1 photo slot and resume.

You are fully aware of and, by proceeding with your service plan upgrade, agree to pay the annual service fee of $239.70. You also agree to pay the renewal of your annual plan at $239.70 on the anniversary day of each subsequent year of membership, unless you cancel the renewal prior to the anniversary date.
You acknowledge and accept that the annual service package does not include professional photography, which shall be purchased at your discretion.

You authorize Nine9 to release your phone number and/or email contact information to any potential agency, client, producer, director or other industry professional in Nine9’s network which Nine9 determines is appropriate, in their sole discretion. Nine9 does not provide any warranties with respect to the industry professionals in Nine9’s network or database. You are advised that no opportunity for which you directly submit your comp card or which is submitted on your behalf will ever be on a pre-paid basis.

In the event that you, the talent, are under the age of 18, Nine9 will contact the parents or guardians of the talent and provide them with information pertaining to client requests for the talent. At the time of enrollment, you agree the contact information you provide will be the parent or guardian.

You have been made fully aware that Nine9 is neither an employment nor a talent agency and, as such, does not earn a commission on future earnings. You agree that you are upgrading your service with Nine9 on your own intuition and no other representations of any sort have been relied on by you for your upgrade. Nine9 provides no guaranties, warranties or assurances with respect to, among other things, the outcome, potential earnings, productivity or results that may be yielded as a result of your enrollment with Nine9.

As a term of your service upgrade, you grant Nine9 an irrevocable license to use the images you upload onto your digital comp card for a period of five years after your last month of enrollment with Nine9. You also grant Nine9 an irrevocable license to mention your affiliation with Nine9 in any manner Nine9 sees fit. You represent that you have received written permission to utilize any copyrighted materials which you post on your Nine9 comp card. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Nine9 for any claims made against Nine9 for the materials you display on your comp card.
You understand that the annual service fee is nonrefundable and that you may cancel the renewal of your annual dues at any time by mail or fax to the following address:

ATTN: Customer Care 2653 Industrial Row
Troy, MI 48084
Fax: (248) 220-6528

Cancellation will be effective 30 days from the date notice is delivered. You will receive an email confirmation of your cancellation.

You agree not to misrepresent or disparage Nine9 to any third party, Nine9 reserves the right to pursue all remedies available including, but not limited to, injunctive relief, money damages, and criminal actions. You also understand that all training and educational materials presented on the site are copyrighted and any duplication of these materials without written consent may result in civil penalties or criminal prosecution.

Nothing contained herein is intended to supplant or modify the terms of service, privacy policy listed on the Website.

You have read and agree to these “Understandings of Service” and have not relied on any other representations or promises.