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Adding Career-changing Content to Your Blog (or Vlog)

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Starting a blog can be a great way to get your name out there.  But what will you post?  You’ll want to draw your audience in without appearing to be too salesy or unauthentic.  Deciding how to capture interest and keep others coming back for more is no small feat.  It takes strategic planning and the ability to be forwarding thinking. 

Even if your site isn’t directly about your career as an actor or model, you’ll want to somehow tie the topics you post into your overall marketing strategy.  You’ll want to keep your efforts cohesively interconnected so you’re not wasting your time on something that’s just nice-to-have.  If you feel your blog doesn’t fit with your long-term goals, you’ll likely abandon it soon after it goes live.

Say, for example, you want to be a film actor, but you don’t yet have credits under your belt.  You may want to start a blog that is centered on movie reviews – detailed reviews about the plot, setting, actors, and other essential features.  This way, you’ll come across as knowledgeable and will eventually be able to expand your content to firsthand acting experience.  Or, say you want to be a model, but you have yet to book a shoot.  Post a how-to blog for budding models looking for advice.  You can center the content on hair and makeup tips, posing, and other industry essentials.  Eventually, you’ll be able to tie in your own modeling experience.

When you are at the point of evolving the content of your site to include your own firsthand experiences, make sure you publish your own journey and write it from an authentic place.  Your readership won’t just want to hear about how amazing you are and how many bookings you’ve had.  They won’t believe you if you say you never struggled on your way to the top.  Be genuine, be real, and this will make your audience feel more connected to you.  After all, you have reached a commendable point in your career and you really are amazing, but you’re also still human, just like your fans.

If you want to take your blog game up a notch, consider vlogging (video blogging) or use a combination of the two.  Including both videos and written posts is not only more interesting and eye-catching but it can help the content come to life with a more personal feel.  Come up with a winning strategy and you’ll quickly expand your fan base so you can take your career to the next level.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!