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Achieving a Natural Look for your Next Go-see

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Trying to achieve a natural makeup palette for your next go-see, but aren’t sure which colors look best?  The key is to ensure you are attempting to add options that fit well with your eye and hair color, skin tone and personality.  There’s really no one-size-fits-all look that works for everyone.

The first thing to remember is that others are drawn to your eyes.  They’re likely the first feature to get noticed and you’ll want to make them pop.  First, apply a primer that is one shade lighter than the area between your brow and lid.  This will help hold your shadow in place and is key to drawing attention while maintaining a bare, neutral look. 

You’ll also want to work on your blending skills to achieve the best balance of colors that compliment your eyes.  This is why you often see a combination of three or more shades in a box of shadow.  The tones work together to create a single look.  You’ll want to apply a lighter color to the inner corner of your lid and in the middle.  One shade darker should go on the outer side of your eye and along your lash line.  Then, the darkest shade is applied along the crease. 

For optimal results, add a brighter color in the soft pink family to the area just above your lid, leaving some space before the brow line.  You can add the lightest color along your bottom lashes, too.  Finish with a liner that’s in the same color family.  Then, top lashes with mascara.

Brows should be considered part of your eye routine.  They can make or break a look.  The best way to ensure brows are naturally accented is to apply a tint that adheres to the hairs for a month to six weeks.  The stain should be just slightly darker than your natural color.  Shaping brows just right is important, too.  If you’re not sure if yours are even, schedule a quick trip to the salon to have them waxed by a professional.

In considering which look will make your assets pop, you’ll want to wear hues that compliment your eye color and hair tone.  Browns tend to work best with blue and green eyes, whereas pink shades work well with brown eyes.  You can pick up a trio palette from just about any drug store and start experimenting.  There are also many online step-by-step tutorials available to show you how to maximize results.

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