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A Smart Model is a Good Model

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Models are born. They are never made. It is in them, their peers, family, and even strangers recognize a model when they see one! It’s now time for you to see the model in yourself!

  1. Choose a type of modeling

This is the first basic step to becoming a great model. Although there are many types of modeling, you still need to be clear on which type you want to pursue. You can choose to be a print model or a runway model. Print models focus on magazine cover page photo shoots. Runway models represent fashion lines. There is also swimsuit or catalog commercial options of which you can choose one to specialize on.

  1. Working with the right team

Now that you know what you exactly want to do, it is time to look for an team that is tailored to you modeling choice. Working with Nine9 you have access to a multitude of agencies. The team will keep submitting you for opportunities that you are most interested in and that suit your look best.

  1. Take smart photos

Do both full-length shot and head shot. Do not use heavy make up. Wear simple pants and a tank top. Keep them up to date, every time you change your look you will be required to take new photos. Always remember to be smart with very little to no styling to enhance looks.

  1. Be positive and confident

Take challenges as an opportunity to better yourself. Always have a backup plan. Modeling can be a career on its own but can be a great career booster too. Having something else besides gives you confidence.

You should be able to perform on a short notice. You can be called upon any time to represent Nine9. Modeling is all about being prepared. You will need to work hard, be determined and have a positive attitude. No one wants to work with a  diva. A photo shoot session can last days and you need to be there. Negativity can deprive you of important opportunities that will help you to succeed as a model.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something you should never overlook.  You will need to eat the right food. Your body is your asset and you job is to appear great.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!