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A Look at Morgan Freeman’s Acting Career

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For those who are familiar with Morgan Freeman, you’ll definitely agree that he’s one of the best actors in Hollywood. However, despite the fact that he makes acting look easy, he actually spent a number of decades preparing for his chance at success. Likewise, even though he wanted to be an actor ever since he became part of the school play at the age of 9, he wasn’t able to land his first major role until he was 50 years old!

That said, Freeman is indeed a living proof that your big break doesn’t always come right when you want it– life will never be as simple as that. However, if you’ll continue to perfect your craft and won’t give up, when it’s your time– it’s going to be your time.

Early Life
Morgan Freeman is the son of a barber and school teacher who both took extra shifts at their local hospital. Wherein, after the birth of the final and sixth child, his parents decided to relocate in Chicago, with hopes of finding a better job. During this period, Freeman, together with his sibling were raised in Mississippi by their grandparents.

The young Freeman often spends his summers in Chicago together with his parents. He had always loved the movies, but never had enough to buy tickets. So, what he does is, every time he wants to watch a movie, he would scrounge for empty bottles and redeem them. The money he earns from this is used to buy the tickets.

At school, Freeman enjoys getting a lot of attention, and that’s why he becomes interested in acting– that was before hitting puberty.

The Most Unforgettable Moment in His Childhood Life
When Freeman was 12, he met a girl in school that he really liked. As a way to get this beautiful girl’s attention, Freeman pulled a chair out from other where this little girl is about to sit. So, she ended up to the floor and ran to their English teacher to tell about Freeman’s demeanor. Though, instead of being sent to the principal’s office, the teacher took him to another class that was in search of performers for the school play. This is where he got his first acting award.

Adult Life
Growing up, Freeman had always been interested in the silver screen, and war films that feature airplanes are his top choice. It became his main attraction that he even considered joining the US Army at the age of 18. Here, he worked as a mechanic and during the time when he was about to become a fighter pilot, he decided to give acting a try instead.

Waiting for His Big Break
It didn’t matter that he doesn’t have even a single dime. In the late 1950’s, Freeman moved to New York to follow his dreams of acting. Although he picked up a job at LA City College, he struggled during these years, hoping he’ll eventually get his big break.

Freeman worked in theaters for a number of decades and made his movie debut in 1966, in a movie called, “A Man Called Adam.” Then, on the year 1970, he got a television role, and several other roles. Unfortunately, things changed after that.

His phone stopped ringing in the 1980’s and he thought that his acting career is over.

Hollywood Star
In the year 1987, Freeman’s fortune began to change. He became a cast of the film “Street Smart,“ and played the role of a pimp named “Fast Black.” This role proved to be a huge hit, that he earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Then, after 2 years, he earned more acclaim, such as the second Oscar nomination and Golden Glove Award.

In the year 1990s. Freeman has been a part of the most iconic big budget films, such as the 1994’s Shawnshank Redemption, 199’s Seven, and 1998’s Deep Impact.

Year after year, he continued to win several awards and that’s because he never gave up.

Off Camera
Although it was a late-blooming success, it’s something that Freeman appreciated the most. In fact, according to him, Success comes when it comes.” He had a career for 3 decades, and it’s not that bad at all. In fact, most of the time, he believes that he was lucky for not have an early success, because it’s something that could easily burn out.

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