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5 Ways to Get Connected Quickly

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Entertainment is a who’s who industry.  You’ll want to work on connecting with the right people and doing so quickly so you can get your career off and running as soon as possible.  There are many ways to expand your reach, both online and off.  Here are a few tips for getting connected and making a name for yourself.

Here is the first way to get connected quickly.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to establish a solid social media presence.  It is essential to stay connected on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social media sites that will help you establish a brand.  Just make sure to be consistent with your branding across channels and establish a cohesive look that best represents the image you’re hoping to project to the world.  In other words, don’t go all out with a futuristic design on one channel and claim to be into present-moment mantras on another.  Of course, you’re human and you have different interests.  Just ensure your marketing is meshes well across platforms.  When visitors are intrigued rather than simply confused, they’ll be more apt to return.

Here is the second way to get connected quickly.

Immerse yourself in all things happening that you can feasibly attend.  It will become much easier to find venues of interest after connecting to others in the industry online.  Not only will you be privy to new castings and open calls, but classes, workshops and meet-and-greets will also pop up from time to time.  Regularly check for updates so you don’t miss out and stay active on your accounts so you can stay connected and aware.

getting connected quickly

Here is the third way to get connected quickly.

Speaking of staying connected and active on your social, you can make yourself more interesting by engaging your followers through interactive means, such as posting questions about current events, polls, asking them what you should wear to an event, sharing videos – the sky’s the limit!  The more interactive and engaged you are, the more likely you’ll be to quickly draw attention to yourself and grow your contact base.

Here is the fourth way to get connected quickly.

You’ll be meeting a ton of new people along the way in this career, so ask for their details up front or if they’re up to getting connected online mid-conversation.  Building your contacts in the moment will help you get in the habit of networking on the spot, so you don’t forget to exchange info and regret it later. 

Here is the fifth way to get connected quickly.

Be active and engaging when you attend classes, workshops, and other events.  If an instructor is looking for someone to do a scene study, volunteer.  Read lines with a partner?  You’re in!  Always be the brave soul that is willing participate.  Not only will this help you build necessary skills, but you’ll become more connected with others who are present instead of remaining a just another face in the crowd. 

stay connected

Growing your contact base in entertainment is a particularly important part of the job.  Word of mouth is, really, everything.  Don’t be afraid to take some risks and put yourself out there along the way.  This will help you get connected and build your network of industry insiders who will ensure you can make the most of your journey!

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