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5 Ways to Create Eye-Catching Headshots

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5 Ways to Create Eye-Catching Headshots

Headshots are a critical piece of an actor’s marketing package.  The more appealing your headshot is, the greater the chance a casting director will take a second look at your submission.  There are certain ways actors can ensure that their photos will stand out from the rest.  Here are five ways to create memorable headshots that will be sure to get you noticed.

Here is the first tip to creating eye-catching headshots.

The first important thing you’ll want to do is work with a photographer who specifically specializes in entertainment headshots.  You can find many local photographers online or better yet, you could ask for a reference from someone you know in the industry.  These photographers are trained to position you in just the right way in front of the camera in order to capture the highest quality image.  Working with someone who doesn’t have experience in headshot creation for actors could mean ending up with images that are out of focus or just simply not up to par.

Here is the second tip to creating eye-catching headshots.

When choosing an outfit for your shoot, you’ll want to stick with a solid color that works well with your features and skin-tone.  You don’t want to go with a hue that overpowers but also don’t want one that washes you out. Stay clear from any color that doesn’t complement your complexion, such as a stark white if you have fair skin. You’ll also want to stay away from any colors that could clash with the background of your shoot. Stay away from busy patterns as they tend to be very distracting.  Remember, headshots are just below the shoulders and up, so your shirt choice matters.  If you’re unsure of which colors to choose, you can always opt for grey or black, or ask your photographer on their opinion for the best option.

Here is the third tip to creating eye-catching headshots.

When it comes to make-up for your headshots, avoid colors that are bold, far-to-vibrant or ones that don’t work well with your features.  Sticking with a natural palette and highlighting areas of your face that you want to enhance will be your best bet. Using complementary eye shadows to emphasize your eye color is always a good option. Play around with different looks in advance to see what works best for you. This will allow you to feel both confident and prepared for when the shoot day happens.

Here is the fourth tip to creating eye-catching headshots.

When it comes to your hair, it’s always best to go with a natural style for headshots. Keep your hair down but out of your face so casting directors can see exactly what you look like.  If you have curly hair, opt to keep it curly rather than using a straightener.  Also, if you color your hair, make sure you have it just the way you want it both in your pictures and for a while after the shoot.  You don’t want to switch up your style before you’ve completed an audition and confirmed a booking as casting directors generally choose you for your specific style based on these photos.  Once you’ve landed a part, then would be a reasonable time to ask the CD if and when you can change it up.

Here is the fifth tip to creating eye-catching headshots.

When it comes to your smile – just be you!  It can sometimes be uncomfortable shifting into the various positions the photographer asks of you to in order to capture the best lighting and angles. Just remember to be natural and try not to overthink too much as it tends to show in your smile.  Find ways to make yourself feel the most comfortable. Relax, take a deep breath before the camera clicks, and you’ll be able to deliver your best looks effortlessly.

These are just a few of the things you can implement that will guarantee you get some killer headshots – ones that will be sure to up your chances of getting booked.  Remember to prepare yourself in advance most importantly, have fun!

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