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5 Skincare Hacks on a budget

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Tanning-Skin-CareOne’s complexion can completely change the way others perceive you. That is why educating yourself on your skin type and how to maintain a clear complexion is very important, especially in an industry  such as modeling and acting.

Basics are easy and if you make it your daily and nightly routine, any skin type will benefit. First, is cleansing Am and PM. Use a mild cleanser, I love Neutrogena gentle foaming cleanser. It is good for all skin types and isn’t over drying. Even oily skin can use this. Just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean it needs to be “dried” out or “squeaky clean”, your skin is over compensating from lack of oil by over producing your own.

Exfoliate regularly. This is key to maintaining clear, healthy, glowing skin. As we age out skin cell turnover slows, thus making the skin appear duller and keeping the bad things in longer. Whether you invest in a spin brush cleansing machine for the face, or a nice exfoliating scrub. You should practice this ritual at least once a weak until your skin adjusts to the practice. After a couple weeks you can add on a day, on an every other day basis. This keeps the skin healthy, wards off future breakouts, and makes you glow.

Treat. If you choose to add an anti ageing regime or acne treatment this is the time to do so. A serum, or medication may be applied. However, do so only in the AM or PM unless directed by a physician, to avoid unnecessary irritation.

Moisturize. Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, whatever it may be, needs a moisturizer. Just as you would read the label of ingredients on the food you eat, check the ingredients on what you put on your face. Steer clear of fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol, etc.  Moisturizer also prep the skin before a makeup application.

Protect. If your day moisturizer doesn’t already have an SPF, add one on top, or find one that does. Even in winter months your skin is susceptible to sun damage, and an SPF is vital in protecting skin from hyperpigmentation, premature aging, and even skin cancer. Thankfully, SPF can be found in many forms, from moisturizer to makeup, there is no excuse not to protect your skin from harmful effects of over exposure to UV rays.

Repeat daily.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!