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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Stand-up Career Off the Ground

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It can be tough to get your comedy career off the ground, but it’s all about staying motivated and advocating for yourself, while finding a niche for your jokes.  You’ll want to follow these five easy tips to ensure your standing out as a stand-up comedian.

Here is the first tip for getting your stand-up career off the ground.

Define your brand and make sure this is consistent across any and all platforms on which you plan to promote your skills.  In order to come up with a brand that fits, figure out who your target audience is.  These are people who you feel are going to get your humor and want to hear more.   Start with understanding yourself and what you think is funny.  These specifics will play into some sellable stand-up material.  It’s not to say that you can’t expand your reach, eventually.  It’s just a good place to start.

Here is the second tip for getting your stand-up career off the ground.

Make yourself visible in cyberspace by establishing social media accounts and a webpage that acts as a central hub for a bit of background information, your stand-up resume and headshots, upcoming gigs, and whatever else you’d like to share. 

Once you’ve established accounts, come up with a captivating first impression.  How you initially position yourself online will set the stage for who you are from a branding perspective and how you’ll market yourself moving forward.  Again, the goal is to be consistent across all platforms while always keeping your target audience in mind.

Here is the third tip for getting your stand-up career off the ground.

Being online is an ongoing commitment, and you have to be willing to continually update all content.  There are many comedians who have been successful simply from publishing videos on their social media.  You can reach millions of viewers by posting online.  Consider whether you want to get into the game and, if so, keep giving your viewers what they want.

Here is the fourth tip for getting your stand-up career off the ground.

Even if you decide to focus more on in-person stand-up, you’ll want to maintain some kind of interactive presence online.  Not everyone can make it to a show, and you might be surprised by the worldwide attention you get.  Being interactive with fans makes them feel noticed and appreciated.  You may want to create online polls or pose a question in a status update.  The tricky part is, whatever you decide to do, you’ll also want to make time to post replies to anyone who participates.

Here is the fifth tip for getting your stand-up career off the ground.

As your getting your stand-up career started, you’ll also want to start looking into local venues at which you may be able to book shows.  Get an idea of where nearby comedy clubs and other entertainment hotspots are so you can start making calls when you’re ready.  Then, pick up the phone and begin to network with the owners or those responsible for bookings. 

Launching your stand-up career online will give you great reach.  This will help you build a solid fan base and ensure your shows are sold out.  If the first few things you post aren’t gaining traction, you can always restart in cyberspace without an awkward silence in front of the mic.  Once you get the hang of things, take what works and run with it!

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