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5 New York Models Requested for Photo Shoot For Aki Ashe

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When Aki C. Ashe founded his eponymous independent clothing line in 2014 in Brooklyn, New York, the Fashion Institute of Technology grad set out to do more than pursue his passion for art and design by creating affordable, high-quality products. He was looking to inspire confidence and the belief in one’s own ability to shine in his clientele. His mission might be one of true destiny, considering that Aki means “radiant” or “brilliant” in Japanese. The Aki Ashe Collection, with its classic tees, sporty chic dresses, and snapback hats, is the perfect blend of self-expression and timeless casual style.

Striving always to empower others, the Collection also uses fashion to give back to the community that Aki calls home. The company has sponsored an athletics collection for youth soccer, and consistently donates clothes to homeless shelters and supports the fight against cancer. In 2014, the Aki Ashe Collection designed tees featuring its logo in breast cancer awareness’s trademark pink and the widely recognized ribbon. Aki himself participated in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’s walk after raising money for the organization. The company continues to support its causes through the sale of specially designed t-shirts aimed at raising awareness about cancer and homelessness.

Aside from the online store, you can find the Aki Ashe Collection at industry events, and trunk and trade shows.

The client was looking for models for an upcoming photo shoot.  The shoot will be taking place this Saturday.


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