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4 Washington D.C. Talent Requested For “Kidnapped House of Horrors”


One man’s home can be someone else’s worst nightmare. “House of Horrors: Kidnapped” reveals terrifying tales of people who were kidnapped, but were lucky enough to survive. Each episode centers around one person’s story about a kidnapping. The show starts from before the abduction to the hours, days, or months of captivity.  The episodes conclude with the telling and reenactment of the escape and the rode to recovery and is told by the victim in their own haunting recollection.

Investigation Discovery (ID) is an American television network owned by Discovery Communications that features documentary-style programming dealing with true crime subjects.

The casting director came to Nine9 looking for actors for lead roles in the show for their re-enactment shots.  The client selected talent directly from their comp cards.  The shoot is set to take place in two weeks.