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4 Ways to Figure Out Your Acting ‘Type’ 

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4 Ways to Figure Out Your Acting Type 

No matter what acting medium you chose to pursue, understanding the type of characters you are able to play is a must in order to excel in the entertainment industry.  This will give you a solid idea of which opportunities to go for and how to present yourself at auditions.  It’s important to define your character types early on, even if you plan to expand your range by straying from your chosen path at a later point in your career.  Here are some tips on how to discover what roles you were born to play. 

Here is the first way to figure out your acting type. 

Getting to know your acting type is based largely on the features that best define who you are as a person.  These may include, but of course are not limited to: your gender, physical appearance, personality, age range, etc.  It also may be just what ‘feels right’ when you consider who you are. There will be aspects of your personality and appearance that stand out, and these are the traits you’ll want to factor into your decision-making of what type of characters you’ll do well at portraying.

Character Type

Here is the second way to figure out your acting type. 

Because acting is a visual and emotional medium, an audience will want to connect deeply with the character that you play.  Understanding what your ‘type’ is will help you be best prepared for a role that naturally fits you, so those who are watching your performance will instantly feel immersed in the storyline.  When doing your research on the web for roles, ask yourself which ones do you connect with?  Which would you be excited to audition for?  Take a moment to consider the ‘why’ behind it all.  There is a reason that some roles draw to you more than others. Figure out what makes you connect so easily with these characters and go with it.

Here is the third way to figure out your acting type. 

You’ve probably noticed that all big-name actors have a type of character they are generally cast for.  Sometimes it’s not so noticeable until they decide to take a role that is outside of their norm.  Other times, it can be very noticeable for the simple fact that when you’re watching them, they’re a naturally great fit.  The next time you’re viewing your favorite actor on the screen, ask yourself how you would define their ‘type’ in the role being played.  Does it fit or is it more out of bounds when you think of the actor’s choice?  Focusing in on another person’s role type can help you gain a better understanding of the process behind determining what your character type might be. 

Here is the fourth way to figure out your acting type. 

Another strategy for defining your character type might be making sure your thoughts are centered around it the next time you’re engaged in a conversation.  What do you notice about the features of the individual you’re speaking to (i.e., appearance, the way they speak, their body language, etc.) that might help you identify what their ‘type’ is?  What would that person say about yours?  You may even want to ask them directly and take notes. 

Once you are ready to audition for roles, keep in mind that just because you have a type mapped out for yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick with it forever.  It just shows that you’ve connected with who you are and how casting directors are likely to see you.  This will give you a good starting point from which you can start building your resume.  Remember, you can always branch out from there and recreate the types of characters you fit as often as you’d like! 

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