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4 Ways to Avoid Problems with Your Agent

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If you’ve scored a meeting with an agent, you are probably more than ecstatic about it!  This is a significant step in the right direction career-wise.  Now, you’ll want to get ready for the big day.  There are a few things you’ll definitely want to have in your back pocket and a few things that you’ll want to avoid.  Here are some tips for avoiding problems with your agent.

Here is the first way to avoid problems with your agent.

If you don’t know too much about the agency at which you’re interviewing, do your own research ahead of time.  The last thing you’ll want to do is start asking questions you could have easily found the answers to online.  These resources are on the agent’s page for a reason.  Unnecessary questions will just waste valuable time in the interview room, which could stir up problems right off the bat.  Agents generally prefer to work with someone who has taken the initiative to gain important knowledge before the big day.

Here is the second way to avoid problems with our agent.

If you want to avoid problems with your agent, don’t ask any questions for which the response is obvious.  For example, if you are a 20-year-old female, don’t ask the agent if they are well-versed in working with your demographic.  The answer is likely ‘yes’, and that is precisely why they’re interested in you.  Even if it’s a ‘no’,  would that really change anything?  Agents don’t have to represent every demographic to have knowledge about what they need to do to work with you. 

Here is the third way to avoid problems with our agent.

After your interview, if presented with a contract, and you go with it, always trust that your new agent has your best interests in mind.  Have patience with the process. You don’t have to call them every day.  You definitely don’t have to swing by their office repeatedly.  The communicative terms should already be evident in your contract and you should expect to follow these guidelines.  Being overly intrusive and demanding can be a turn off and is sure to cause uncalled for problems between you and your agent.

When it’s time to have a follow up meeting with your agent, as it is likely to have to periodically check-in, make sure that you are valuing the agent’s time.  Most meetings last roughly thirty minutes.  Remember to always come to these meetings prepared, and have specific questions you’d like to ask, preferably ones you’ve written out in advance.  This will help to ensure you stay on the right track and feel comfortable and aware with the information you receive when you leave.  The agent’s time is valuable.  Your time is valuable.  Always remember this to avoid problems.

Also, again, calling your agent daily is a big ‘no-no’.  Think about it – would you want someone who you know only professionally to call to chat every day?  Trust that the agent has your best interest in mind and that they are working on getting you booked in a role.  Yes, it can be frustrating if you haven’t heard from them in some time. But it is not a good look when you start appearing overly eager and the agent has to repeat themselves time and again that they are working on it for you.

Landing a contract with an agent is an awesome and big step in moving your career forward.   Once you’re able to sign on the bottom line, you’ll want to treat this person with the same respect you’d expect to receive.  Always keep in mind that this is a professional, working relationship – not a personal one.  To avoid any problems, it’s important that you treat it as such.  There should be mutual respect for each other’s time and talents.  This will allow the relationship to grow and work out well in the long-term!

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