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4 Tips for Landing a Spot on the Runway

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There are a few things you’ll need to know in advance if you want to make it as a runway model.  This is a highly exclusive form of modeling even though it’s what many models think of when they dream of making it in the industry.  Runway models possess very specific physical characteristics and must have the talent to make it.  Here are some tips for getting started.

Here is the first tip for landing a spot on the runway.

First and foremost, runway models need to have certain attributes in order to even be considered.  This type of modeling is the most rigid when it comes to a model’s physical appearance.  As a general rule of thumb, female models are at least 5’8” and males are 6’0” at a minimum.  Moreover, models are commonly between the ages of 15 and 21 and have naturally slender frames that allow them to fit into the garments created by the designers who contract them.  There are always exceptions but they’re very few and far between.  Models should secure agency representation before trying to book a show.

Here is the second tip for landing a spot on the runway.

You will also need to have the runway strut down pat.  There is a very specific way in which models carry themselves when all eyes are on them as well as techniques to pivot and turn at the end of the catwalk.  View videos online and practice at home until you nail it.  You’ll also want to learn a few variations so you add some pizzazz that will help you get booked often.

Here is the third tip for landing a spot on the runway.

Strutting your stuff on a runway takes confidence.  This is uber-important for making the job look easy when you get out there in front of onlookers.  Those attending fashion shows want to notice the clothes you’re wearing and not cringe because they’re sensing your anxiety wearing them.  To build up your confidence, sign up for workshops, classes or other knowledge-sharing events that will allow you to practice until you feel comfortable.  The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become.

Here is the fourth tip for landing a spot on the runway.

If you have the physical presence to be on the runway, you’ll also be able to make it in other areas of high-end modeling, including designer editorials.  So, if you haven’t booked your first runway gig yet, you can try pursuing these print campaigns until you do.  Of course, your agent should be helping you land a few gigs.  Once you have an “in” with a designer, you’re more apt to be on their list for the next big show.  Plus, booking a few shoots before you transition to runway can help build the confidence needed to shine.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a high fashion model, research agencies you feel would be the best fit.  Then, book a session with a photographer and submit your portfolio so you can make it onto the runway!

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