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4 Tips for Boosting Your Social Media Exposure

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These days it is especially important to market yourself online, and a big part of doing this includes branding yourself on as many social media channels as possible to maximize exposure.  There are other ways in which you can maximize your reach, too.  Here’s a few tips for boosting your social media presence.

Here is the first tip for boosting your social media exposure.

Staying active is incredibly important when it comes to engaging with your audience on your socials.  You’ll need to share relevant content that draws users in and makes them want to follow you.  Think about what you can do to stand out.  What could make you a go-to influencer?  Why would others want to check out your pages?  Everyone has a social media account now but there are just a select few in the entertainment industry that fans seem to want to follow.  You’ll need to come up with ways in which you can be in that realm and gain the same fan base as your favorite celebs.

Here is the second tip for boosting your social media exposure.

Speaking of the select few, you’ll want to take a look at what they’re doing to draw audiences in.  Is there something that they’re doing on their social media that stands out?  What patterns do you notice about the content they create?  Follow some influencers and track what they’re posting to determine what about these profiles sets them apart.  How often are you getting notifications of new content that you feel is intriguing and makes you want to visit their pages?

Here is the third tip for boosting your social media exposure.

You’ll want to deliver a variety of content on your social media, too.  If you only post updates, your followers will get bored.  Only sharing photos without context?  They may be confused.  Take advantage of all of the various settings and tools each site has to offer and mix things up a bit.  Make others want to look at your sites in the same way you want to check out what the influencers you follow have posted.

Here is the fourth tip for boosting your social media exposure.

You should also stay in the know about what’s trending and add in the latest to your social media feed.  Follow pages that offer insight into the type of content that you hope to incorporate into your socials, whether that be fashion, beauty, film, television or other “it” factors.  What you choose to incorporate will depend on the direction you hope to head.  Leveraging the latest is a great way to draw in those who also want to be in the know.  You’ll become another go-to and trusted source.

Building and boosting your social media reach is extremely important for getting your name out there and beginning to generate a solid fan base.  Follow these tips to expand your brand and you’ll start to get noticed quickly.  Once you get a solid footing in the social networking world and understand what you need to do to draw some attention, the rest will be easy!

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