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4 Things You Can Expect Once You’re Booked

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4 Things You Can Expect Once You’re Booked

So, you’ve gotten a callback and were chosen for a role in a new project!  This is an exciting time!  For the moment, you can catch your breath and enjoy the win.  Then, it’s time to prepare for the next steps.  Here is what you can expect once you’ve been booked.

Here’s the first thing you can expect once you’re booked.

Clear your schedule once you’ve landed a part because things are about to get busy!  You’ll be expected to be available for all shoot days and for as many hours as it takes to complete the part.  Usually you’ll have a general schedule to follow, but this may be subject to change.  In some cases you’ll be asked to show up wherever needed at the last minutes notice. In other cases details may be vague or not fully disclosed ahead of time, so just remember to stay prepared and be available whenever you’re needed.

Here’s the second thing you can expect once you’re booked.

The next thing you can expect once you’re booked is to have a few days, or months, without much of a personal life.  After all, hard work comes with sacrifice. As you’re preparing to do your best for everything that’s expected of you, it can become a challenge and often a distraction to hang out with anyone who is not on the production team.  This goes hand-in-hand with having to clear your schedule.  Make those initial phone calls to friends and family and fill them in on what you’ll be doing. It’s important to stay connected but you also are going to want to focus your full attention towards doing your best in the role you’ve landed.

Here’s the third thing you can expect once you’re booked.

When you’re on set for a project, your average day will typically be very long.  You may be required to show up first thing in the morning, perhaps even before sunrise, and expected to stay well past dark. This of course all depends on how quickly everything you are required to do is completed. This is more common for projects that are on a shorter-term. Often, if it’s going to be months before a shoot wraps, they have the ability to pace this more reasonably.  On the other hand, if a project must be completed within a shorter number of days, expect these days to be long ones.  Once you get the necessary credits under your belt and are able to become part of a union, the crew is then required to go easier on these demands.  Until then, anything is fair game so prepare yourself for long work days.

Here’s the fourth thing you can expect once you’re booked.

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It’s important for you to follow any and all instructions given to you once you’re booked – whether you receive these in advance or an hour before you’re expected to show up on set.  It’s best to stay on top of your emails and always make sure your phone ringer is on in case you get important updates.  Always show up on time and ready to work. If you were given a specific wardrobe to wear, wear it.  If you were given instructions about your hair and make-up, follow these. If you always do what is asked of you the project will be completed smoothly and successfully.

These are just a few of the things you can expect once you get booked.  The bottom line is, you’ll need to be ready and willing to go the extra mile to show you’re serious about your desires to succeed in the entertainment industry. You’ve made it this far so keep showing up for yourself and the other people on set and you’ll lend a hand in making whatever project you’ve booked be as successful as possible.

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