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4 Talent Cast In New Godzilla Movie

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4 of our talent were chosen to be extras in Godzilla King of Monsters, filming in Atlanta. Godzilla is a series of films that started in 1954, based on a fictional giant monster created by Tomoyuki Tanaka. There have been over 30 Japanese Godzilla movies and spin-offs, many of them flying under the radar. There have been six American productions of Godzilla, with the upcoming movie being the seventh. They generally do very well in the box office with people immediately recognizing the iconic franchise as a fun summer blockbuster. The new Godzilla will star Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown. She played the main character named Eleven in the hit Netflix show. She is a very promising young actress that will see plenty of more roles come her way after her success with Netflix.

Our talent informed us they were selected and very excited to work in a feature film with a huge budget. They will not only earn money working on set, but they will also have the opportunity to meet industry professionals that know what it takes to push an acting career to the next step. Pay is $75 per 8 hours plus overtime after that. The shoot will take 12 – 18 hours and film in Atlanta. Take a look at the talent that were chosen below!

Congratulations to Miguel, Christina, Timothy, and Duccong!

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