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4 Social Media Tips for Influencers

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Making it to influencer status on social media means understanding what potential followers want and being able to post must-view content when they want it.  Understanding this is a tough task to take on – and yet, it has been done many times over.  In fact, maybe you’re aspiring to try the whole thing out because of the success stories of those who are risen through the ranks.  In order to gain the same social media appreciation, though, you can’t just copy what’s already been done.  Here are some innovative social media tips for influencers to follow.

When considering social media tips for influencers, you’ll first want to have an idea of which platforms are most appealing and take an approach that will best expand your reach based on the direction you plan to head.  The tops sites for gaining exposure are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter.  There are others, but these sites have the most reach.

Once you pick a platform or two that you plan to focus on, things can get a bit confusing.  This is because, again, influencers aren’t all considered equal –when it comes to personality, brand, reputation, etc.  The only commonality that they have is that know how to gain a huge following online.  Fear not!  One of the best, most basic social media tips for influencers is to consider what you know, where your talent lies, what you’re passionate about, etc. and determine what you can offer from there.  If you have what you might consider to be ‘common’ hobbies, that’s just fine so long as you can come up with a strategy to incorporate these onto your site in a unique way.

Another one of those social media tips for influencers that often gets overlooked is that people, in general, are unique.  They may be drawn to your page because they feel like they can resonate with a particular post, but they may stay or leave for different reasons.  Maybe you have a tennis how-to page that is drawing a significant following.  One person may love the sport and have zero experience with it and another follower may be an expert who wants to learn a few new skills.  The point is, just because they are both there for their love of tennis, they’re both there for different reasons.  What does that mean, exactly?  It means that you can upload content that appeals to a wide range of people.  You don’t have to keep your focus so narrow that it leads to a narrow following. 

Before you start uploading this content, you’ll want to consider the basics of search-engine optimization (SEO).  You don’t have to be an expert by any means, you’ll want to have some basic knowledge about how this works.  This just means you’ll want to ensure titles and tags are searchable and make use of keywords relevant to the post.  If you follow these basic social media tips for influencers, you’re sure to get some attention, and you can always tweak your strategy a bit along the way!

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If you liked this post, please share with your friends!