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4 Entertainment Hotspots to Keep in Mind

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If you’re locating for a hotspot to relocate so you can book more gigs, it’s a good idea to get to know all of the nation’s cities that are prime places for entertainment.  Of course, you may have heard that you should relocate to Los Angeles or New York City.  But what are some of the other places to consider?  These often get overlooked.  Here’s a list of well-known entertainment hubs to keep in mind:

Here is the first entertainment hotspot to keep in mind.

Atlanta, Georgia, is a well-known hotspot for its television and film industry.  There are also many comedy clubs for jokesters and background casting opportunities in featured films.  It’s also not so far from Disney World should you decide to be part of the theme park’s (or cruise ship’s) cast.  Tyler Perry Studios is located in Atlanta and is always looking for new faces.  What’s more, Marvel Films does a lot of its productions there and there are many casting companies and agencies looking to fill their rosters of talent.

Here is the second entertainment hotspot to keep in mind.

Las Vegas, Nevada, is also a great hotspot for stage acting, of course, on the strip.  And there are casting directors that film a very of projects – everything from television commercials to featured films.  Los Vegas is the backdrop of a ton of films and reality shows, and its fairly close to Los Angeles with the cost of living much more bearable for actors who are just getting started.

Happening Hotspot

Here is the third entertainment hotspot to keep in mind.

San Francisco, California, has a big theater following and many movies are filmed in the city.  Because of San Fran being a happening hotspot for the performing arts community, there are tons of opportunities for classes and workshops.  Of course, you can also take a trip to Los Angeles to expand your reach.

Here is the fourth entertainment hotspot to keep in mind.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is known for being a thriving performance arts hotspot as well.  There are tons of opportunities to get booked in Indies, shorts and student films, as well as theater work and commercials.  There are also voiceover gigs available and a lot of actors get their start in Philadelphia and travel to auditions in both New Jersey and New York City.  (Which brings up another good market – New Jersey.  This is also a hub for many of the same projects and an easy commute to NYC.)

Exciting Hotspot

Of course, New York and Los Angeles are two of the prime cities that actors flood to, thinking they have to live in one of the two in order to make it.  Not true.  These other markets often get overlooked but offer just as many gigs.  Moving to a market that is still happening and costs less living-wise is a smart move that will help you quickly build your resume.  Once you get a few credits under your belt you can consider NYC or LA, and you’ll have the background in another hotspot to get booked in some of the biggest productions.

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