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3 Tips for Mimicking Magazine Modeling

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Mimicking Magazine Modeling 3 Tips

If As you’re skimming through magazines, you may be wondering how the models make their job look so easy.  How it is that they’re poses are so natural, making the images pop on the pages?  If you’re developing your own modeling skills, you’re probably hoping to do the same.  Here are three tips for mimicking magazine modeling poses.

Here is the first tip for mimicking magazine modeling poses.

There is more that goes into those poses than what at first meets the eye.  Models who make it into magazines know how to twist and turn just right to really sell the products for which they’re posing.  If you want to mimic what you see, you first have to understand the product you’re selling and the demographic that will likely be buying it.  For instance, modeling a bracelet could be much different than showing off an entire outfit.  And, commercial modeling, in which you would be conveying a story on the page, is much different than other forms.  As you’re looking through magazines, ask yourself what is being modeled and why the person on the page is positioned in this way.  This will help you grasp how to do the same during your next gig.

Here is the second tip for mimicking magazine modeling poses.

Understanding a few signature moves that models make when they’re striking their poses is important.  Of course, the photographer can direct you, but most would rather work with someone who doesn’t need a step-by-step, which can get time-consuming.  One trick, if you book a swimsuit shoot or are will otherwise have your entire body in the shot, is to arch your bottom half back and bring your chest forward.  It may seem uncomfortable as you’re doing it but it’s a great way to even things out on camera.  Otherwise, standing as you normally would, your bottom half could look bigger than the top.  It’s also best to tilt your head down slightly if you’re working on a close-up of your face, and the photographer will likely know to position the camera up a bit.  It’s never flattering to tilt your head up and have the camera positioned at your chin line.  Take a look at the literature you have in hand to see if you can point out these tricks on the pages and pick up more long the way.

Here is the third tip for mimicking magazine modeling poses.

Standing slightly to the side and positioning your torso towards the camera is one of those poses that is great for emphasizing your top half as well.  This will draw attention to your face, too, if you’re modeling makeup, earrings, a necklace or anything else for which your facial features need to stand out.  It will also help if you’re modeling a blouse or blazer.  Placing your hands on your hips will bring attention to bracelets, rings or other items for which your arms and hands need to be in the picture.  Browse the pages to see if you can spot any of the models posing in this way and determine what it is that they’re calling the reader’s attention to.

Mimicking magazine modeling takes getting a solid grasp of not only what is on the pages but why.  Knowing what the model is trying to portray in each shot is key to copying their poses.

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