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3 Rebranding Tips for Going from a Child to an Adult Actor

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Whether you are a child actor in a television series, a well-known feature film or in a hit commercial, you already have some experience in front of the camera, which is great.  However, transitioning from a lovable child to an adult actor who’s taken seriously is no small feat.  Here are a few tips for rebranding successfully.

Here is the first rebranding tip.

If you want to create a whole new path for yourself in rebranding as an adult, the goal is to steer clear from the image you were known for once upon a time.  If you were booked for the role of a small girl who becomes a princess in a magical land, let’s say, and are determined to land roles in action films, you’ll want to come up with a game plan that makes this image more believable than your who you were the last time you met with a casting director.  This is plausible by choosing a fitting monologue and dressing appropriately at auditions.  It should also be easily ascertainable in your marketing materials that you bring with you.  Even if you’re showing range on your reel, when determining which clips to include, start with the end goal genre and build from there.  You may have an action piece, followed by dramatic dialogue, and closing with a comedic performance.  This shows range without simply reinventing the child actor that once was.


Here is the second rebranding tip.

If that infamous child role gets brought up at any point along the way, don’t completely shut it out.  Start to see this as a positive thing – your performance was memorable, and whoever brought it up is probably doing so because of this.  Thank whoever has brought it to your attention and clue them in on your rebranding attempts and the direction your hoping to head.  This will create some distant between who you were then and who you are now.  It will also give you an opportunity to express yourself in the here-and-now and make clear that you are not interested (in a nice way) of pursuing roles that are reminiscent of how you first got started.  Word spreads quickly in entertainment, so you’ll not only want to keep your composure but pitch to someone new whenever you get a chance.

Here is the third rebranding tip.

The best way to come up with a rebranding strategy that sticks is to work with someone who does this all the time.  You’ll likely want to consider signing with an agent or manager to promote who you are now and keep this image intact.  By having an expert manage the public relations piece, this will free you up to focus more on developing the adult persona you’re hoping to achieve.  Rebranding is something that can take a lot of time and practice, and it’s important for you to be able to find space for honing your craft.

Many A-list actors have undergone rebranding over the years.  If you’re trying to decide whether this is something you can take on, do some research and see what worked for them.  There’s nothing wrong with taking a few notes and trying it out, too!

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