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21 Days to Better Skin before Your Next Photo Shoot

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You are a model and you have your next big shoot soon? Like all of us know this is the time when our faces start to act out, pimples start popping out everywhere, oily skin seems to be throwing a party and the bags and dark circles under your eyes are looking baggier and darker than ever… Well we are here to give you some advice and tips on how to achieve better looking and healthier skin in as little as 21 days! Some are tips that will enhance your appearance in as short as the minutes it takes to act or on a nightly basis, but you will look better in no time. We promise!

1) Do your own natural “lemon pie” scrub: grab some sugar, a little coconut oil, vanilla essence and lemon, put them all in a bowl and mix them up, use it immediately and see results that quickly!

2) Go buy some musk rose oil, it is known to be widely beneficial for the reconstruction of skin tissue, like burns, scars, wrinkles and even stretch marks! You can apply either as the natural oil or add it to your lubricating cream for easier application.

3) Remember to clean your face with coconut oil or your regular cleanser after you use make up and please do it every time you are going to sleep (not taking off your make up makes you age years each and every time you do not do it). After using the oil remember to clean your face with a soap and warm water to remove the excess.

4) For the removal of black spots on your nose put a warm piece of damp of cotton on your nose and let it sit for a few minutes then pick up some toilettes and start to take them out, but not using your nails as they have lots of bacteria’s that will infect the pores you are opening, after you finish grab cold rose water to close your pores back up.

5) Use black sesame oil to moisten the skin on your face.

6) Avoid the use of mascara and base every day, this will prevent the build-up of clogged pores and the loss of hair on your lashes.

7) Make a routine of using sunscreen every single day. This combats the harmful rays of the sun that damages skin causing wrinkles and even health issues like melanoma on your skin.

8) Make sure to never share your makeup or makeup tools, this is one of the leading cause of pimple outbreaks.

9) Another cause of skin breakout is if you touch your face, your hands are always full of bacteria. Constantly clean your hands to avoid this, you can also clean your cellphone screen with cotton and a little alcohol.

10) Be sure to carry some moisturizing crema and lip balm to used on the daily and nightly basis.’

11) Drink green tea or start taking green tea pills – this natural element combats blotchy looking and red skin because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

There you have it, follow these simple steps and have better looking skin in 21 days or less, and please always keep your stress levels down, keeping your moods in check helps you maintain a general well-being! Be you and be beautiful, good luck gorgeous!

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