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112 New York Talent Contacted for CBS’s “Madam Secretary”

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Madam Secretary, which is executive produced by Morgan Freeman, features Elizabeth McCord, the aggressive, determined newly appointed Secretary of State who left her previous job as a CIA analyst for ethical reasons. She has returned to public office at the President’s request following the suspicious death of her predecessor.

The casting called for Middle Eastern and African American actors to play extras.  This is a great opportunity for our actors to appear in a show for a top- tier cable network.  Our talent will have the opportunity to act and work alongside industry professionals.  Extras on this show will work with famous actors and producers like Morgan Freeman, and learn many tips that will help them land future jobs in the industry.  The most important part about landing a job as an extra is exposure as an actor and having the opportunity to make a lasting impression on someone in the industry with hundreds of connections.

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