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Big Families

Big Families

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Seeking Big, Entertaining, Upscale Families For A New Television Show

From the producers of "How To Look Good Naked" and several other hit series comes a new, exciting television show about family conflict and resolution.

We are looking for educated, upscale families (middle class to upper class) that are plagued with constant fighting and want to put it to rest!

Does your family have conflicts that desperately needs resolving? Sibling rivalries, family disputes? Fights over money, outrageous ex-wives, unplanned pregnancies or any other circumstances that have led to bitter family battles?

Does your family have a huge event coming up that will force everyone to get together? Do you want to see your family united and happy again? Then we are looking for you!

Please submit a family photo and your contact information by COMPLETING THE FORM ON THE RIGHT.

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